Use this form to add and/or drop a session.
The change will not be finalized until you receive a confirmation email from us.

If you want to add a week, fill in add box; leave drop box blank.
If you want to drop a week, fill in drop box; leave add box blank.
If you want to switch from one week to another, fill out both boxes.
It’s OK to add more than one week to each box.

Cancellation Policy

If you cancel your a session 3 weeks or more before that session begins, we will refund all but $30.  With less than 3 weeks notice, you will lose your $100 deposit (but we will refund the rest of the camp fee (all but $100) if you paid in full.

Switching to another (available) session with more than 3 weeks notice can be done online for no cost.  (Fill out form above).

Switching out of a full session with less than 3 weeks notice will cost $100 unless a replacement can be found.  A $30 change fee will be charged (even if a replacement is found) for changes made less than 3 weeks before the session is to begin.