How can I find out more about the places you go?
Click on the name of any field trip to see pictures and camper comments.

What is your camper to counselor ratio?
In our adventure (older) camp, we will have at least 1 counselor for every 10 campers. Some days we have 1 to 5, depending upon what we are doing. In the Jr camp, the normal ratio will be 1 to 5. At amusement and water parks, the ratio will be 1 to 3 or 4.

What about safety?
We do have activities that a lot of camps don’t have, but safety is our # 1 concern. All our counselors have lifeguard certification. They are very mature and many have been with us for several years. Because we (Lucy and Mary) are both parents, we view the camp from an adult, parental perspective that puts the safety of the campers in the front of our minds at all times. In open (dark) water, the campers are required to have a float whenever they are in water over their chins.

How much is each session and what is the deposit?
Most of our sessions are $360 per week. We ask that $100 be paid with your registration to hold your spot and the remaining amount be paid one week before your camp session starts.

What is your tax ID #, address, phone?
Tax ID:  74-291-8091
PO Box 92034, Austin, TX 78709-2034
512-771-3188 (Lucy) and 512-968-9950 (Mary).

Will there be someone at the morning location at 7:30? What do the campers do until they leave for the field trip?
Yes, we will arrive at Westenfield Park, Patton Elementary and at Balcones Park at 7:30. Patton and Balcones campers depart for Westenfield at 8 am. We play games, cards and make lanyards. There is usually time for group games (Capture the Flag, Dodge ball, Soccer, Kickball, 4-square, Kick the Can, Knock Out, etc).

On Monday mornings, we ask that Patton campers be brought to Westenfield to check in.

How do you travel?
We travel in air-conditioned buses.

What do you do when it rains?
We go bowling, skating, watch a movie, go to a covered pavilion or whatever we can think of that is inside. Sometimes we go to our “Camp in the Country” (22 acres, just outside Austin).

Will my 2 children stay together, or do you divide children by age?
In the older camp, we usually stay together in one group, but if we ever split up, campers are given a choice, so, they will have the opportunity to stay together. Junior campers will usually be separated from the older camp.

Do I have to drop off and pick up at the same location?
We try to be flexible, and allow switching if we have space in the bus, and if you let us know on the morning of the switch. Written notes help also..

What is your payment policy?
When registering, you may pay in full or pay $100 deposit to hold your spot. Full payment must be completed by 1 week before camp starts. You may mail in a check (be sure to put your child’s name on the check) or you can pay online with a credit card.

Are any sessions full yet?
We keep the schedule page updated. Check that.

Why can’t the kids bring electronics?
We are no longer going to be the electronics police. If they bring them, they can use them. However, we will not be responsible for lost or stolen items. Kids who sit and engage in solitary play miss out on important socializing that goes on when we are traveling. We have had items stolen at a water park when items were left in backpacks. We recommend that electronics get left at home.

Do you offer a sibling discount?
Sorry, no. Our costs are the same and we strive to keep our costs as low per child as possible.

In addition to the weekly fee, is there an additional fee to cover the cost of your field trips, e.g. Schlitterbahn, Fiesta Texas, etc?
 No, the weekly camp fee covers the entrance fee to all field trips. There is no additional fee; no hidden costs. We prefer campers do not bring money to camp (except on special days to buy food in certain parks that don’t allow us to bring in lunches).

Do you have a waiting list for sessions that are full?
Yes. Fill out the registration form, check the weeks you want and you’ll be added to the wait list automatically.

Do we have to pay full price if we have a season pass to Schlitterbahn or Fiesta Texas?  Our policy is that if you give us the pass ahead of time, we will refund $20 (our group price). Sometimes parents get upset because they give the pass to their child with instructions to give it to us, but the child forgets. Please give us the pass when you drop your child off in the morning. We will happily refund $20.

Do the children wear life jackets?
All children are given a swim test on Monday, so that we are aware of the swimming ability of each child. Some of the places we go, we require all children to be in life jackets; some places we require younger children or weaker swimmers to be in life jackets.  At all dark water places, we require they have a float of some kind if the water is over their chins. We are very safety conscious and if we (or the parents) are concerned about the swimming ability of any child, we (or the parents) can require that child to wear a life jacket. However, our policy is not that children have to wear a life jacket at all times because life jackets are restrictive and unnecessary most places.

We are in a drought and so many places either don’t have or have very little water. How do you work Wet and Wild if there is no water?
Yes, it’s harder when there is a drought, but we’ve been through this before. The places that may be closed due to low water are McKinney Falls, Hamilton Pool, Bee Creek, Pedernales Falls and Five mile Dam (Blanco River). Places that have water, even in droughts are: Barton Springs, Comal River, Lake Travis, Krause Springs, Comal River, Prince Solms Tube Chute, San Marcos River, City Park,  Landa Park, all the water parks and swimming pools. Luckily, lots of the places we go are spring fed or are larger rivers or lakes and have always had water. Just the nature of our camp is that we have to be flexible. We do have to change our plans because of floods, droughts and/or rain. We always try to substitute something of equal value and equal fun.

Are children allowed to sign up for partial weeks? Half-days?
No. We generally fill up so we only take full-week registrations. Parents may pick up their child early or bring them late, but they must come to where we are that day. We don’t give discounts for partial days or weeks.

Why are there more than 5 things listed for each week?
Some activities are interesting enough to hold their attention all day (e.g. Schlitterbahn), but most places are not.  Typically, we’ll go someplace to play in the morning and then go someplace else to swim in the afternoon.  We send a letter with a detailed schedule to everyone registered for each week (about a week before camp begins).