CIT (Counselor-in-Training)

The CIT program is geared for young people, ages 15-17, who want to be a camp counselor but are not 18 years of age. CIT’s learn more about being a camp counselor by assisting staff teach activities and helping with day to day operation of camp. CIT’s have a unique and sometimes awkward position for they are neither camper nor counselor.  CIT responsibilities are limited and rarely is a CIT alone with campers, yet it is a big job. CIT’s  are placed in junior camp to help with the 6-9 year olds.   Campers in this age group crave attention and play from CIT’s and counselors.  They have a tendency to climb on, hang on and otherwise “glomm” onto CIT’s who show playfulness and give them attention.  The CIT’S  can be a friend and role model for these young campers.  Being a CIT can be a great way to move into the world of employment as it is set up as a transition job with flexibility to each person’s abilities. The stipend you earn will reflect what you are able to put into your job. Full, partial or no stipend will be determined at the end of each week after an evaluation by the camp directors.  You will be invited to join our staff trainings and if you’re successful, you will be at the top of the list for full counselor positions when you turn 18.

Thanks for considering joining the team at Wet and Wild Adventure Camp.

All CIT’s will receive a $60 per week discount for attending each week of camp. A full stipend will consist of half of the week’s tuition.  A partial stipend will consist of one fourth of the week’s tuition.

If interested, fill out an application here.