I  just wanted to write and tell you what a wonderful time my son had at camp last week.  He is usually rather shy about joining in with kids he doesn’t know, but I heard MANY stories about all the kids in his age group.  He felt so comfortable and said the kids at your camp were some of the most friendly he has met at a camp.

He especially enjoyed the great photo album/journal page you made.  He showed me who everyone was and explained all the places at great length.  On the drive back to Houston he stayed busy with that photo page for a long time.  He’s already asking if he can come back next year.  Everything else here in Houston seems dull in comparison.  Too bad you don’t have a sleep-over program for us out-of-towners!

Please thank the counselors that were with him and the other 11-12 year olds, especially Summer.  He enjoyed them all very much and they helped him feel very comfortable.  He said one of them gave him a nickname, and he thought that was pretty cool.  Lastly, thanks for the use of your home in the afternoons.  I was regaled with stories about the trampoline, games, pool and chicken fights.

I’m not sure there is another place he has enjoyed quite so much.

Today I had to drive all the way back to Westenfield Park to bring Julia’s lunch bag to her.  I only discovered she forgotten it after I got home.  I have to say, it was worth the drive all the way back.  When I got there, I found my son, Joshua, in the grips of a smile such that his face was incandescent.  My son has autism, and it’s not easy to bring a smile such as that across his face.  I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful camp, and thank you for letting my kids experience it.  I’ve never seen my kids so happy.  For them, you make summer, summer.  I wasn’t supposed to see that, but because Julia forgot her lunchbox, I was able to witness the joy you bring to my children.  I was able to see them when they thought no one was looking.
Thank you, for camp this year, and for the joy that you’ve brought to me and my family!  We’ll be back next summer!!!

 Thank you!  What you have provided for Joy this summer could not have been equaled by myself or anyone else I know.  Thank you for the genuine summertime play!  Thank you for the experiences with our beautiful Mother Earth all around us!  Thank you for the opportunities Joy had to meet herself and find herself capable!  We shall never forget this time with you, and hope to repeat it often!      In sincere gratitude, a mom  

Thank you to you guys. I hope Jake was a good kid while in your care… he always comes back in good spirits after your camps.. love ya.

Thank YOU for a great camp !!! Alexandre had a blast. He talked about camp and “his kids” all the time. This was such a great experience for him. And Etienne really missed being at camp this summer (getting old is such a bummer J), so thanks for letting him go with you to the waterpark.

Iris loved the camp and I know she regretted not having gone to some additional sessions.

 I’m so glad I was watching TV that morning you were on the news, Nikki  had so much fun at camp and wants to come back next year for a couple of weeks.  Keep up the great work and thanks for all you do.

Just wanted to thank you and Mary and your wonderful counselors for giving my kids Emma and Nathaniel a great welcome to Texas. They came home exhausted and happy at the end of each day – what more could a parent ask for? They are now experts on the best swimming & fun spots in Austin and the hill country, and are lobbying hard to come back next summer, when we are permanent residents. The whole experience really eased their minds  a lot about our impending move to Wimberley – both kids wanted to stay and not return for their last school year in New York!  Thanks again and I’m sure we’ll see you next summer,

My boys Eric and Andy  loved the camp.  I wish I could have gone!  Thank you

Just wanted to let you know what a wonderful summer Ivan had with you. Every day was a new adventure and he can’t wait to come back next year. Thanks to both and all your staff for your tremendous program.

Thanks for your fine program!  Just want to say that Galen said he wants two sessions of Wet & Wild next summer!

Thank you!  This was the greatest summer ever.  See you next summer!      Preston   

 I just wanted to thank you for Week 10 of your camp.  It was the best camp experience that Eric had ever had!  He said all the adults were nice and of course the activities were “awesome”!  He wants to come for 2 weeks next summer, so we’ll be anxiously awaiting the brochure!   The collage and comments from the kids on the back was so clever!  What a great idea – it’s on our fridge and probably will be until next year!

 I just went online to see if you had one last camp opening, and sadly no.  Anyway, my kids really enjoyed Wet and Wild. We will definitely sign up again next year.  I liked where you went, what you did and the vibe of the whole thing.  It seemed more real than the other camps.  I would recommend this camp.  

We have so enjoyed Wet & Wild camp over the years.  Scott will be 15 next year and I believe will be too old to participate any more.  You have the best camp around.  Thanks  

Caylah has enjoyed every place she has been this summer.  Y’all are amazing. 

My daughter, Nora, had a great time at camp.  And thanks for sending them home with the pictures and recap. Just wonderful!! 

My daughters and their cousin all had a blast last week. Too bad remaining sessions are already full. This is the only camp option they want to do next summer, and have already told me to sign them up as soon as you have next summers schedule posted.  Thanks so much for a wonderful camp experience. We’ll be back for lots more. 

Shirley is having an amazing time at camp this summer. She really likes the weekly pictures and summary.   Thanks again for all that you do.

Richard really enjoyed the camps last year. We know he will have a great time, again this summer!!   

Thank you for a fun week for Ryder.  He had such a good time; he’s talking to all his friends, so your camps will be full with Spicewood kids next year!  As soon as you get your schedule for next summer, he will be signed up!  Thank you for taking good care of him, and having fun counselors to entertain all of the kids. 

Amber had a blast at your camp. Please tell the others thank you so much from her! To where could she send a thank you card? 

I just wanted to let you know that Josh is having a wonderful time with Wet & Wild camp.  He comes home every day telling us what a good time he’s had.  Thank you for providing such a great camp. 

Just wanted to say “thank you” for taking care of my baby last week.  She had a great time, even if she was exhausted.  I admire your strength, keeping up with kids all summer long.   

Thank you – Syd can’t wait for Wet and Wild camp – she looks forward to it each summer – you guys do a wonderful job of making camp both fun and safe!  

My son Joshua absolutely LOVED Wet & Wild last summer, and he wants more this year!

Thank you so much for the fun summer adventures…my daughters (Sofia and Gisella) loved each day, and the camp was a wonderful introduction to Austin for them.  

I just wanted to let y’all know what an AMAZING time my son, Taylor, had at your camp this past week! It is such a wonderful feeling as a parent to send your kiddo off every morning to a blast of a day and I can’t begin tell you how much we appreciated it!! Oh – and the extra bonus was the absolute value of the camp – it was the best value of the summer!

 Jack is having a great time so far. Can’t stop talking about it!

Silas wanted you to know that he really liked the counselors. He thought they were friendly, nice and present.  One, he especially liked, he said was very funny and involved.  Thanks! He enjoyed the camp. Our first year to try it. I’m sure he’ll want to come back next year.

Thank you for organizing and managing this wonderful experience for all these children.  

First of all, thank you for providing such a wonderful camp. Aidan had a blast and declared this his favorite camp. So we will see you next year.  

Curtis has really enjoyed camp this year. And, like I’ve said before, we will be with you for as long as you’ll have us.  

Oscar is SO excited about this year’s Wet & Wild. It is ALL he has talked about since we signed him up over a month ago!   (And later):  Thanks so very much for such a great summer. Oscar enjoys camp SO much. He aspires to be a counselor when he gets too old to be in camp.

I can’t believe tomorrow is DJ’s last day in camp but he needs daddy time too! There are so many things about your camp we are both grateful to have experienced. As a single parent, it was difficult to keep him him in camp but so very worth the cost. You do so many amazing trips, even with the price of gas for your buses, that the cost was a bargain.  DJ appreciates how healthy his body looks after being so active, he is a powerhouse of muscle.  I appreciate him being off the computer and being active with people I trust to keep him safe.  I would never have been able to take him to a fraction of the locations you took him, so to me, that was priceless.

Well, I have to say that Lexi LOVED camp this year with you guys and would love nothing more then to go all summer next summer to your camp.  Thanks for adding such wonderful memories to Lexi’s summer.  

Leroy LOVED your camp & said it’s been the best summer ever, thank you!

Hi, I just wanted you to know that David and Dexter really loved the camp.  They are still talking about some of the funny experiences they had and the wonderful camp counselors.

 My daughter had a truly fantastic time last week at your camp. She will be 13 this month and it’s difficult to find camps at this age that they really love, so thank you for running a wonderful, safe camp!

Jerome said that he had the best time ever at your camp and can’t wait till next year to come back, thanks for taking care of him and showing him the best week ever!!!

What a wonderful camp y’all have. I asked Mary this morning if you would take really old campers like myself? My daughter, Jackie, is having a wonderful time and has shared lots of great stories about each days amazing adventures.

Thanks so much Wet & Wild.  You’re still my favorite summer camp.

Thank you very much again to you and your wonderful staff for taking such a good care of my kid!

Thanks for giving my sons Jim and Ben an outstanding summer experience last week.  They both said it was the highlight of their summer.  They can’t stop talking about it.  Wanted to confirm that you all have them on the wait list for the last week of the summer.

Daniel absolutely loved the camp, every single day of it. We are really happy that Lukas introduced us to it (and as you could probably see – some other kids as well…). I like the photo and the quotes from the heroes – it will go nicely in Daniel’s keepsake box.  We should be back again next year,  

Holden is SO excited to attend another week!  He is still talking about how much fun he had last week.  You guys have a great thing going there.

She absolutely loves your camp and wants to do it every week next summer! I don’t think she has the energy to do that much, but I wanted to let you know how awesome she thinks it is.  

Thank you so much for providing such a great experience to Zach and Ben today.  This is the first time they have ever returned from a day of camp excited to go back.  They both really enjoyed today.  Just thought you would like to know ya’ll are doing a great job!!

First, I have to say Thank YOU for a wonderful week. Ann really enjoyed it and she is definitely exhausted.

The boys are looking forward to your camp, and asked if they could go to more than one week.  They don’t know that I signed them up for three, so I think they will be very excited.  Thank you for offering such fun and exciting camps!

Thanks so much to both of you ladies for providing such a wonderful camp for all the kids.

Dear Mary, Lucy, Alex, Ryan, Summer & the rest of your wonderful counselors,  I hope you survived the summer. I wanted to thank you all for a wonderful camp experience for my daughter Claire. She really enjoyed her week with you and looks forward to coming back to Wet & Wild next summer. She’s asked that she can spend more weeks at your camp and, of course, I couldn’t say no.  As for me, I really appreciate you allowing me to join you on the party boat. What a memorable experience. It felt like summer camp old school. I was so impressed by your entire operation and how well things were run. Everyone on your crew was so kind and gracious. I ended the day feeling warm, fuzzy and tired.  Thank you all for everything!!