2001 Ty, Alex, Ryan, Stevie, Daniel

2001 Ty, Alex, Ryan, Stevie, Daniel

Mary and Lucy met and became friends in 1992.  They soon discovered that they each had always wanted to start a camp.  When you don’t have a big piece of land on a lake or river, you get creative.  They came up with the idea to utilize the wealth of natural resources in and around Austin.  They both loved taking their kids to local parks, pools and swimming holes.  They loved having adventures with their own children and their children’s friends.  Starting a camp where the adventures change daily, while going to different locations, seemed ideal.

In 1995, they filled up their two vans and took off.  They visited every swimming hole they knew of, hoping to provide their campers with fun and excitement while showing kids all the wondrous places in and around Central Texas that they might not have visited.  It was a splendid success.  The kids loved it;  Lucy and Mary loved it. Their own children, who started as campers, told them which were the fun places and which were boring, so they knew which places to cross off the list.

The camp grew and grew, with weeks often filling up long before the start date.  Katie, Lucy’s daughter, became the first counselor, starting in 1997.  W&W now employs 12-15 counselors and  travels in 3 buses.  All of Lucy’s and Mary’s children have been a counselor at one time (some still are).

We have added “Camp in the Country,” our 22-acre homestead just outside Austin, as one of our most popular field trip locations.