Both Lucy and Mary have worked with parents and children for over 35 years. They met and became friends in 1992.  When they discovered that they each had always wanted to own a camp, they were determined to start one.  After much thought and planning, they started Wet & Wild Adventure Camp in 1995. They both loved taking their kids to local parks, pools and swimming holes, so they added a few more kids, loaded up their two vans and took off, utilizing the wealth of natural resources in and around Austin.

From the very beginning, safety was #1.  They wanted the kids to have fun;  wanted them to experience the outdoors and nature in a way that was quickly becoming lost, but not at the expense of keeping everyone safe.  As parents themselves, Lucy and Mary judged every activity from a “safety first” standpoint.

In the past few years, they have added “Camp in the Country,” their 22-acre homestead just outside Austin, as one of their most popular field trip locations.

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